Polefitness is the 'fitness' version of poledancing. This sport is a total body work-out, where flexibility, strength and cardio-training are combined. This means that while doing polefitness, you will train your body in a special and fun way. You will increase your strength, and muscle control in a very short time, but will also learn different turns, inverts and other techniques. Polefitness is a sport for both women and men, where you will reach new limits of your body and increase your levels of confidence.



Astrid Hoekstra
Anna van Limpt


Aerial Silks


Aerial silks is a full body work-out which appears acrobatic. You will train both flexibility and strength, and learn several tricks to do high up in the air in two fabrics (also called silks or tissu), hanging from the ceiling. In aerial silks you climb the fabric, wrap the silks around your body, hang or drop to create an impressive and breathtaking performance.



Kimberley Thissen
Johanna Melke