SPV Blue is the student polesport association in Eindhoven. Together with Student Sportscenter Eindhoven, we provide polefitness and aerial silks classes at different levels.


If you're interested in polefitness or aerial silks, but don't have any experience, you can join a beginners-course. These consist of 8 lessons in which you learn the basic techniques and skills that you need. The beginners-course is organized by the Student Sportscenter. After completing the beginners-course you can join SPV Blue and continue classes at a higher level.


Aside from only pole- and aerial- classes, SPV Blue also provides interesting activites like a pole-fitness photoshoot, outings to e.g. the Dutch pole championships, and so on. When you join SPV Blue, you can also reserve the pole-fitness room and practice the moves you learnt in class on your own. Regarding safety, it's mandatory to practice with at least two people.