We are Student Pole and Aerial Association Blue. We offer Polefitness, Aerial silks and Aerial hoop. You can find more information about these disciplines below. 
We are part of the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSCE) and the Eindhoven Student Sports Federation (ESSF). Thanks to them we are able to provide classes and a lot of fun activities at student friendly pricing! 

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness is a form of exercise which incorporates the entire body. Pole Fitness (pole sport) originates from pole dance. It combines artistic dance, acrobatics and strength exercises. Through this sport you will build up strength, flexibility and endurance. The sport involves exercises such as climbing, spins, positions and flips. You often use your skin to create friction, thus sitting or hanging in the pole. Today Pole Fitness is widely recognized as a fitness form that can be used as aerobic and anaerobic training. Many people think that you should have strength even before you start doing Pole Fitness, but this assumption is not correct. Everyone can start doing Pole Fitness, even if you have never exercised before. You build up muscles in pole fitness through strength exercises on the pole with your own body weight.

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks, also called Tissue, is known from the circus world. Aerial Silks is a full body work-out which appears acrobatic. The silk is hung from the ceiling and is long enough to at least reach the floor, divided into two silk pieces to make acrobatic tricks and exercises. You will train both flexibility and strength, and learn several tricks to do high up in the air. In Aerial Silks you often combine exercises like climbing, swings, binding, hanging or drops to create an impressive and breathtaking performance.  Aerial Silks performers use only their strength to stay up in the silk.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra or Aerial Ring is a form of exercise that only recently emerged. It has roots in the circus and the world of acrobatics and is related to both pole dance and Aerial Silk. Aerial Hoop therefore combines both strength exercises, agility and grace. An Aerial Hoop is an enlarged hula hoop ring of steel suspended from the ceiling, in which hoop artists can exercise spins, tricks positions and drops. In Aerial Hoop you conduct the exercises in fast motions and you often practice rather long combinations. You wear long pants and a top when you do Aerial Hoop, as you have to hang a lot in your knees and therefore want to protect them a little. Aerial Hoops come in various sizes and variants and can either have one or two hooks for hanging and can be either static or put on the spin, so you can twirl around.