Blue Lustrum 2022

In 2022, Blue celebrated the second lustrum with a bang!

Of course, we had to do this with some very special activities that will set the tone for the many more lustrum years to com

SportsDay (1st Activity)

The First Lustrum Activity Blue went to a trampoline park, and afterwards we had a dance workshop. Then, to really kick off the Lustrum, Blue had an auction and Lustrum theme reveal at Hubble! The Lustrum theme for 2022: “SPACE X BLUE – Blue in space”

Underwater Photoshoot (2nd Activity with Dekate Mousa)

The second lustrum activity was an Underwater Photoshoot. Blue teamed up with the lovely members of @dekatemousa who took the most beautiful pictures of our members, who also had a lot of amazing and creative poses in store.

Blue Weekend (3rd Activity)

In May Blue organized the Blue Members Weekend and it was absolutely amazing!

Not only was it a time to relax and to get to know each other, we also did a lot of fun activities! Many games were played during game night, we went kayaking through beautiful Belgium, a photoshoot in our beautiful back garden was organized where we could say hi to our neighboring cows, sudokus were made, a pub crawl through Liège and so much more!

Special shoutout to Lustrum committee member Stijn who basically arranged everything from this trip by himself, thank you for this wonderful trip!

Prom Night (4th Activity)

Blue took the lead in organizing the prom night, but organized it together with the following other organizations: Samourais, Concorde, Zes, Da vinci, Tamar, Tantalus, Ilyeo, Weth and Impact.

On the 2nd of June 2022, we danced with the stars of Blue and the amazing other associations who decided to join this amazing party!
While all our members of course look beautiful in their sports clothing, it was nice to see everyone in suits and dresses for a change. It was a great night of dancing, catching up & having fun outside of the studio or gym.