TU/e Introweek 2023

During the introweek Blue had the opportunity to show off our amazing members and sports on three different events. All pictures by Maud Staassen.

Introduction market

Do you still remember how you got to know Blue? Hopefully, we caught your eye during the intro. Each year we’re having so much fun playing around on the sports field and showing (off) our sports to the new students. We love to see the enthusiasm when trying some tricks! 🤩

Culture Festival

Since we practice show sports, we had to make sure to get a spot on stage during this first edition of the Culture Festival. Hopefully, we amazed the audience and inspired them to start aerial sports!
Most members just enjoy the classes, but for some of our members, shining on stage is the ultimate goal! ✨
We’re very happy we made this happen for them! 💙


We love teaching our three disciplines; Pole, Silks and Hoop. So we really enjoyed the opportunity teaching the new students some tricks. Hopefully, you all liked our workshops and we hope to see you at our lovely sports association! 💙